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Guzen Development was founded in 2006 to aid strategically source the raw material of nutritional supplements and foods for customers.


The company also exclusively represents manufacturers of high- quality, research-based products such as probiotics, fortified yeasts, yeast peptides, magnesium alpha lipoic acid and vitamin D.

Mastering Wellness for Life

Guzen has exclusive sale rights for Juvenon’s new Magnesium R-Lipoic Acid. Their new technology successfully prevents the polymerization of the R-form, resulting in Alpha Lipoic Acid with the highest percentage of bioavailable R-form of any salt version of ALA currently manufactured. By using magnesium—a mineral with nutritional value in its own right—Juvenon offers a MgRALA with 5% Mg: 95% RALA, maximizing the bioavailable R-form and minimizing both the salt content and polymerized material.